A Blog Kindly Published #3

One of my old zen master buddies once told me, “Climbing mountains. That’s all there is, Leo. You will get to the top of one and you will find that yourself at the bottom of another one. And then another, and another.”

So I am here to tell you all about it. Film-wise, UVA Films (the GMCo LLC film production company) is growing and expanding. It is most certainly a start-up that’s showing what it’s got to the marketplace. Moxie, talent and passion.

We have valuable assets:

— One finished film - in-the-can - has be in and come out of post-production. Title: A Lovely Adult Beverage.

— Another film wrapped on 1/19. The film Indulgence and is about to go into editing to get a first rough cut in my hands sometime prior to March 16th.

— Three film-right options on three screenplays to be exercised (or not) by me by this spring.

We have quality, high-concept projects in the pipe-line:

— We are producing a featurette about our Composer Sky Schuyler and his process writing the score for Indulgence. It will premier at the Scary Cow Film Festival and be available to a growing legion of fans on YouTube - and let’s not forget the potential investors who will be pleased to see a fascinating tale well told on film about a man and his music - on demand on YouTube . Site-survey this upcoming Monday evening.

— Another film goes into production on April 24. Title: Tamale. (Writer - Donna Mae Foronda. Director - Maria Maella)

— Another film goes into production in July. Title: Happy Goat. (Writer/Director - Donna Mae Foronda)

— Another film goes into production in October. Title: Either Incidental Rae or The Lens. It’s a difficult choice offered by the writer/director , Tamara Gurbis.

— I am in discussions with filmmakers concerning the future sales and licensing of CA Shorts.

— I am in conversation with two Sales Agents and a VOD Distributor about CA Shorts and its future.

— The short films will be packaged together as CA Shorts and released in early-2020. I thank you for taking the last few minutes to read my GMCo business blog.

Until next time, I remain

G. L. Maselli