A Blog Kindly Published - #2

The fourth and final shoot-day on the Indulgence project has come and gone five long days ago. The cast and crew have moved on. But before they left, I let them know how impressed I am with their hard work and passion for the project and for indie-filmmaking in general.

Now we slide right into Post-Production - in all its many phases. Here in the war-room there’s a big chart on one entire wall lists the next steps that will give will move the whole CA Shorts feature-film concept closer to an early 2020 release. It looks like this:

— Assemble all the Indulgence footage shot to-date.

— Edit together the first rough cut.

— Get the first rough cut into the hands of our composer, Jim Schuyler so he may begin making key decisions of where music could fit and how it would enhance the film’s story.

__ Begin production of a behind-the-scenes look at his creative process. It will be a mini-doc - a featurette, if you will, with a total run time of 3-1/2 to 5 minutes.

Here’s the thing: it must all be accomplished in just under 7 weeks. There is a deadline. There always is. If a deadline doesn’t make itself apparent to me, I create one of my own.

Am I having fun? Could I do this forever? Well, I decided long ago that for me, creativity is an essential aspect of my life. And I’ve never been more creative than I am right now.