Productions by G. Leo Maselli


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“CA Shorts”

CA Shorts, my first feature film project, has been called "a very cool love letter" to my home state. 

It seems to me that such a romantic notion deserves an explanation that will shed some light on my obsession. What is it about California that draws me to it? It's not complicated. It's actually quite simple to my way of thinking, namely, isn’t anything considered possible in California? Of course, it's true. California has always had that reputation. It gained that rarefied status even before the Gold Rush in 1849. Today it continues to have a reputation for the quickness with which something new can be devised and a willingness of the people to abandon the old ways. CA Shorts tells some of the stories I've gathered together that will make you laugh and make you cry. As the creator of many films on the subject of reinvention, I've seen to it that each film in this analogy is full of wonderful characters, features provocative endings, and focuses on non-tragic themes. 

My dream of making this film has now grown to include so many of you. I thank you from the bottom of my heart.


Rip is already a mentally unbalanced old man when a desperate damsel-in-distress tumbles into his quiet life. Again. After 35 years.

“A Lovely Adult Beverage”

In a San Francisco martini bar, Carlos witnesses a blind date going sour. When the fellow on the date appears uncomfortable that Tina is handicapped, Carlos immediately recognizes the opportunity for foray into new territory.

“Reviving the Rice Mother”

In the majority of rice growing areas in the Southeast Asia*, rural rice farmers are well aware that by ancient tradition there is a spirit of rice that resides in an entity called the Rice Mother. The documentary called “Reviving the Rice Mother” resurrects her venerable spirit and returns it to center stage where what she represents and who she is speaks volumes about her ancient knowledge and strategies so critical to the survival of the region’s poorest rural rice farmers. The film explores the striking implications of the rice farmers responses and resilience to climate change’s impact on food security to the rest of us in the world.

Click HERE to view Reviving the Rice Mother.

“A Sonic Indulgence”

This featurette presents Jim Schuyler's (Sky's) process as he composes the score for the CA Shorts film Indulgence.

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