What is "CA Shorts"? Blog #5

CA Shorts is a feature-length film about what can happen to anyone who is willing to risk it all in order to create a new chance for themselves in California. The film does not tell a single story for it is not a single film, but rather several short films joined by a common theme about the reinvention of the self and a firmly rooted sense of place set here on the Western Edge of the North American Continent. The film’s strong, thematic glue asserts that we all have the capacity to reinvent our lives to mirror what we imagined they could be - or die trying.

CA Shorts declares that anything undertaken in California is considered possible. Even before the California Gold Rush of 1849 it’s continued to have a reputation for the quickness with which something new can be devised and a willingness of the people to abandon the old ways. The film will tell the stories of such people’s lives as they find what they’re looking for.

That’s what CA Shorts is.

In early 2020, CA Shorts will be released as a feature film.